Patrick was born in 1977 in Boxford,
Massachusetts, which is about 25 miles north of
Boston. He attended the University of Nevada
Las Vegas and graduated from the school of
business with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing. He moved
to the Bay Area in 2003 and works in enterprise
technology sales.
Jenny Kim Han
Patrick Kearns Donnelly
Some of Our Interests
After the Wedding
Boston Red Sox
New England Patriots
Great food and wine
Jenny & Patrick
September 30, 2006
About Us
Jenny was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1975
and grew up in a tight-knit Korean family in
suburban Maryland. She attended Northwestern
University, graduating from an honors math
program with a degree in Sociology. She's lived
in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997 and is
currently a Software Engineer at Yahoo!.
To Our Parents
We'd like to give a virtual "toast" to our parents
for their life-long love and support. Without
them, none of this would be possible! Jenny's
parents live in Rockville, MD, and Patrick's
parents live in Las Vegas, NV. It goes without
saying that we miss them very much and can't
wait to celebrate the union of our families.
We are thrilled to be planning
our honeymoon! We'll be
spending a week in paradise,
staying at the Hilton Hawaiian
Village in Waikiki. We plan to
snorkel, hike, ocean kayak, play
tennis and golf, and most
importantly, relax and enjoy
each other's company.